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How To Create from Splendidly Curious

Apr 3, 2018

Shenee Howard epitomizes what it’s like to put all of your authentic self into your creative endeavors. She’s known for her work in the marketing and branding space-- having launched over 30 successful products for her client base of female entrepreneurs-- but she’s also an aspiring screenwriter. Currently she’s living in Los Angeles, pursuing her dreams by working on selling her first pilot.

Also in this episode:

  • Shenee’s very first screenplay writing inspirations
  • Why Shenee grew up thinking she could never be a writer
  • Shenee’s educational experience and the way she crafted her own college degree
  • The catalyst that led Shenee to take the leap into entrepreneurship
  • What pop culture teaches Shenee about being a successful creative
  • Shenee shares why she loves Keanu Reeves, personally and professionally
  • And more!

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